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    Ring road - in front of Modern academy - Katameya - Cairo - Egypt

    Tel.: +20 2 27275180

    Fax : +20 2 27275184

    How to join
    ▪ The membership application is submitted by filling in the designated form.

    ▪ The application is presented to the club’s board of directors for consideration and approval of membership.

    ▪ If the application is accepted, membership fees will be paid by one of the available payment methods.

    ▪ The member receives the membership number and free access cards for the guest.

    Membership compliance
    ▪ Compliance with public morals and ethics.

    ▪ Maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and property of the club.

    ▪ The member must be of an Egyptian nationality.

    ▪ The member must have obtained a higher education certificate or what’s equivalent to it.

    ▪ Engage in the activities and games provided by the club to complete the image that we are targeting.

    ▪ Pay their financial dues on time so that the club can adhere to its responsibilities towards the members and be able to keep providing its services.

    Membership benefits
    ▪ Membership is available for a family consisting of a father, a mother and 3 children.

    ▪ Members enjoy all the club’s services.

    ▪ Members have priority to participate in sports and art academies at reduced prices.

    Payment Facilities

    The club offers to those wishing to participate with many different payment methods, whether in cash, check, credit card or bank transfer.

    The club also provides facilities for payment by installments for a period of 5 months without interest. In addition to various installment programs in cooperation with major banking institutions such as the National Bank of Kuwait, with a low down payment up to 20,000 Egyptian pounds only.

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