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    Ring road - in front of Modern academy - Katameya - Cairo - Egypt

    Tel.: +20 2 27275180

    Fax : +20 2 27275184

    About the Club…

    Katameya Gardens club is a Egyptian social sporting club. It was established in 2006 over a 35,000 meter-squared area of land on the Ring Road, Maadi, Cairo. This place is distinguished by its centralization between a number of major neighborhoods, such as (Katameya/ Maadi/ Nasr City/ New Cairo/ Mokattam) and its location by the Ring Road, which is one of the most important axes in Cairo.

    The club was designed in a distinct architectural style that differs from the usual nature of sports facilities. Its developers combined between the high architectural flair, similar to western resorts with vast green areas, where most of its facilities overlook the swimming pool, and the sports construction divisions, with specifications standard for each sports buildings with corridors that easily link all the service buildings and facilities together.

    The Grand Holiday-in, one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt, has established the Katameya Gardens Club intending to provide a unique experience to all its members. Including social activities since its a safe, quite place for a family and friends gathering, but also to participate in various different sports activities … as well as various cultural activities.

    Word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

    The quality of life has become an essential element that constitutes great importance for the continuation of our life in an easy way, and represents a goal that all Egyptian families strive to provide comfort and development for their children. After many years of struggling, they’ll finally meet this daily while working. For that it has become very important to provide an exceptional place suitable in absorbing all the wasted positive energies that children have. We took the responsibility to provide all the means of tranquillity and safety for all the members of Katameya Gardens Club.

    We took care of the infrastructure, sports facilities, and family gathering sites where the practice of all possible social and cultural activities takes place. Moreover, providing advanced playgrounds and halls for practicing several sports, mental and physical games.

    When the idea of ​​establishing the Katameya Gardens Club began, the board of directors deemed it upon itself to continue the renewal and modernization of the club. They also have a very ambitious plan to expand and repeat those valuable ideas in other areas and regions, so that we can hold and play the role of a distinct model for the rest of the other entities working in this field.

    After more than fourteen years of building trust and achieving the aspirations of our members, we strive to achieve more of their dreams among the facet of a professional family entity. Therefore, satisfying all families that gave us this confidence is our ideal goal. We realize that family is the pivotal point of society and sports, which are also the main methods to the spread the message of morality among our children. The two elements of family bonding and the provision of sports services have become an urgent need, in light of all the challenges that the family faces daily.

    We invite you to join our wonderful family and promise to keep offering you more. We ask you for moral support to continue providing our humanitarian message to all members of our great family … Your prayers and wishes for us to continue progress and success is the elixir of life that we work with, and it gives us all the positive energy and motivation to keep serving you … May God keep granting us the blessings of this great family and keep us as soldiers, that strive to provide you and your children with security, well-being, and health.

    The Club's Vision

    Being an integral part of Egyptian society, our ambitious vision contributes to supporting this community with a humane family environment based on love and community cohesion. We seeks to achieve great challenges in sports activities, as well as physical and mental challenges, through providing our sports, social and cultural services to all members of our great family … members of the Katameya Gardens Club.

    The Club's Goals
      • Providing the highest level of services to club members socially, athletically, educationally, and culturally.
      • Improve the quality of members’ lives through the distinct provision of the services they need.
      • Always developing the club’s services and providing additional services outside the club’s walls only to its members.  
      • Maintaining the family spirit and strengthening the community’s relations, between club members and their families.
      • Providing a unified place for the Egyptian family to practice all common activities.
      • Providing the highest quality of sports and social services to members with a professional team of employees, administrators, trainers, and technicians. 
      • Establishing the idea of disseminating successful experiments to encourage the sports and social clubs sector in Egypt to follow the example of the unique plans that the Katameya Gardens Club followed.
    Club’s Executive Management

    The club consists of twelve executive departments responsible for following up the works and facilitating all services and activities for the members. The club consists of twelve executive departments responsible for following up the works and facilitating all services and activities for the members. All employees in the executive committees and departments have been selected based on their professional career and high efficiency in performance as they’re aware that the club is an institutional entity whose goal is growth and development.

    Club Departments:

      • Administrative Affairs Department
      • Financial Management
      • Membership Affairs Department
      • Security and Monitors Department
      • The Legal Administration
      • Sports Activity Management
      • Technical and Engineering Management
      • Information Systems Management
      • Purchase Management
      • Food and Beverage Management
      • Marketing and Sales Management
      • Public Warehouse Management
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